Fake warning message computer prank: Make your friend frightened by daring error messages

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If you are looking for a cool and one of the best computer prank then here is one you would love to use… The Message Manager Lite.

As the name suggests The Message Manager Lite is a prank computer program which would display a warning at any given time… and more of it you can always customize the message your own way.

Create Fake Warning Message to make your friend fool…

So now here are the steps to follow to create fake error/warning messages:

First of all you need to download Fake Warning Message Computer Prank from the link here and when ever you get a chance on your friends PC you just need to install this application, then run it. It will then display the window shown below…

Now with in the text box write warning message like


and set the time for displaying.

That’s it; now you only have to wait and watch… and finally enjoy making fun when your friend will receive the message as shown below….

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