Faster Windows XP Booting Experience with small startup delay tweak

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Sometimes the slow booting process is one of the most irritating moments, as we need to get through the desired file or application as fast as possible but as windows booting itself consuming a lot of time. If such is the case and you have ever wished to enhance the WIndows Xp booting speed then why not just try this windows delay registry tweak… which I have experienced able to reduce the booting time by 10-15 sec. Though for you I can not say exactly how much faster, since it all depends on your computer specifications (processor, RAM, hard-drive and stuff like that…)…. lets you try your own…

Steps to faster Windows XP Booting

1. First of all you need to open Registry Editor, to do so click on Start and then point to run menu ( you can also use to shortcut Windows + r to get through it) and type “regedit” without the quotes and press enter.

2. This will open the Registry editor now navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ ContentIndex

3. When you have clicked on “ContentIndex” and it is highlighted and you see the options and parameters on the right side of the panel… Among those, you need to scroll all the way to the bottom and find the Registry key named “StartupDelay”, Double clicking on it will open the dword value editor; this is what you need to change. Look at the option and values. It has two option Hexadecimal and Decimal and value 75300 now first you have to change the option to Decimal this will change the values also to 480000. Now you have to reduce this value to 40000… not less than this as then this will not have any effect. This is the minimum time that windows should require to boot normally.

4. Now Restart to take this settings its effect…

and….. experience the difference

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