How to bypass Cyberoam to access blocked site like facebook or orkut

Recently I have got an email from one of our readers saying recently his  institution has implied Cyberoam to the main server which caused almost 80% sites saying it was blocked by Server Administrator… now he has asked is there any way to bypass cyberoam to get access most of the sites mainly orkut or facebook…..

So guys first of all you should know what the hell Cyberaom is?

Cyberoam’s all-inclusive UTM solution offers a well-coordinated defense through tightly integrated best-of-breed security solutions over a single interface -Stateful inspection firewall, VPN, gateway anti-virus, gateway anti-spam, gateway anti-malware, intrusion prevention system (IPS), content filtering, bandwidth management (QoS), multiple link management and enhanced user-based reporting.
So finally the conclusion is it tracks all the web traffic thus keeping the records who is doing what?

Now let’s we come across the main situation how to get rid or bypass the cyberoam client?

Let me again remind you that this is highly secured internet client and it blocks all the types of proxies like http,CGI, socks(4/5), Ftp, highanonimity …In short All.. this means if any site which have an security label fixed… cyberaom will leave as it is thus allowing to surf such sites…. yes! by getting access using Https://…

How it Work?

Https are SSL secured http clients … and these are most secured Sites on the Network , that’s why cyberoam Leaves it ..

Now the question is not every site will have this security tag so how to use this hack?….  by looking for a proxy based on HTTPS …. though not every secured proxy site is free but if you can search you may find some fullfilling your need one such proxy mentioned below

Click on the above Link and surf Freely any site in your college…You need to accept the certificate provided by the Site to Use It… As your web web browser show the Certificate accept statement at the First time you visit the Https Site.

Though you can also try Ultrasurf: one of the best proxy application which is well capable bypassing any firewall implied get more info from the link below:

Proxy Software : Ultrasurf – 9.96 Unblock Myspace, Bebo, Orkut login

Step by Step process to Configure Ultrasurf with Mozilla Firefox


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