How to hack the Windows 7 Logon Password if forgotten

By date windows 7 is supposed to be the most secure and reliable operating system in every term whether it is functionality or security. Isn’t this true? Now just imagine the oldy days when you anyone can enter into the system using the bootable disk bypassing the all the restriction implied by the log on password, so far it was not possible with the Windows 7.

But now… though it will be very helpful for those who have just forgotten their windows 7 log on password and in no way are able to recover it; now have a chance using KON_BOOT which gets into windows 7 while in the booting process thus bypassing the logon screen. This prototype software is well tested to do thing even more as it can bypass logon passwords on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003/2008, Gentoo, Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora.

So to get use of it first you have to download the CD image from the publisher site click here and then have to burn it using nero to a blank disk (Note : this download is ready to burn image so don’t try to add it like you do with the data disk. Just open the file and start burning) and configure system’s bios to boot from CD.

Below is the video from the publisher site with the demonstration

Following is the list of all the supported OS plateforms

So now Enjoy cracking and Hacking even windows 7 also!

Caution: Your anti virus program may warn you about the file containing virus but the file is safe with all the test. You may disable your antivirus program for a while to burn the disk.

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