How to Register on IRCTC for online Railway Ticket Booking: Step by Step Instruction

Online booking of Railway Tickets is the fastest and easiest way for Booking Train Tickets in India but there are still many people who doesn’t know how they can create an account for online train ticket bookings. So here is the step by step procedure “how you can create an online account on IRCTC.” But before you proceed plz note that to create an account on IRCTC you must have a valid e-mail id.

1. So first of all you have to visit the site there you will get a screen shown below. Now locate the area (marked in red) and click on sign up.

2. Now you will get to the window to fill out an online form to get your account register as shown below…

First part in section 1 is the area where you need to give the username and password which you need to login to your account after registration. This can be your name or any word that suits you. Don’t forget to check the availability of the username.

Now in second section define a security question which you will  need to recover your account password if forgotton.

The third section is the personal information field.

(Plz note that all above fields are mandatory and never try to register more than one account from single email id and IP address this may lead to deactivation of all accounts)

3. Now comes to the final part to fill out the mailing details and address:

Once finished out click on the submit button soon after you will receive an email for your account confirmation that’s it…. enjoy online ticket booking

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