How to restore Progress Indicator and Download Status Bar in Mozilla Firefox 4

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Have you updated your browsing experience with the latest Mozilla Firefox 4 browser the complete redesigned interface. Though the new interface has a very strong visual impact but there are still some issues which lacks this new release and one such issue is the missing Status Bar which was always a very helping feature.

So now in the latest release if you are really missing this feature then don’t worry as you still have it by adding an extension.

“Status-4-Evar” is a great extension for Mozilla Firefox 4.0 created by “Sparky Bluefang”. Actually this extension is a collection of toolbar widgets that provides replacement for what was previously shown in the statusbar.

After installing the extension, you can customize your toolbars and drag the “Status Text”, “Progress Meter”, and “Download Status” items wherever you want. Behavior of the items can be controlled in the extension preferences.

Simply install the extension, enable “Add-on Bar”. Right-click on Add-on Bar and select Customize. Now click on Restore Default Set button and you’ll get Status text, Progress meter and Download status back in Firefox 4.0.


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