Latest Proxy Server for Surfing Myspace… Bypass firewall restriction…

Proxy servers are in huge demand by the users these days and they are only useful if updated daily with the latest proxy servers. Even it may be that old proxy can be used but there are more chances that these can be traced by the IT admins if so you may be called. So here i will inform you about a new proxy called which just works perfect to bypass any firewall restriction.

If you also visit Myspace behind any proxy to protect your privacy then this will be a perfect proxy server. The proxy mention above can unblock several other site likeĀ  FaceBook, YouTube, etc. if blocked by web filters in schools or work places and they can browse the web anonymously.

For the purpose you only have to visit to and then put the desired website address in the box shown above and click go that’s it.

Enjoy surfing…

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