TIME STOPPER: Convert trial softwares into full version without any crack / patch

As we all are very fond of the stuffs with the word  free, so is the case with the tryout software. Just because this is free to use (though only for a limited time ) but we don’t hesitate to invest a lot of time while downloading just to check them what the new feature it has. But now what about if there is a way in which all these software can be used forever without any use of cracks or patched or without including any hacking… Yes! that is possible now…

Have you still remembered the old days some 5 years back when there was method of setting PC time to one month back every time when a software got expired or started to show time period expired… At that time I have used several such software which considers the PC BIOS time for their configurations. The same method was applied by the developer team of TIME STOPPER to develop this tiny tool only 844kb in size… Now lets know more about how it works……

So first you have to download this amazing tiny tool from the link here (link from Softpedia) and once downloaded install it (prefer to read the manual in case in doubt… but there is not any doubtful issue). Now download any trial version of a software Install it. Now, work begins for TIME STOPPER, run it, it will start as the screen shown above from the browse section point to main executable file (.exe) from the location you have installed the trial software. Now set the next date instead of the day you have installed the trial software choose a desired name at the location where it asked to “enter a name for desktop icon” and create a shortcut. Now from the icon created earlier you can use that trial software whenever you want without any time restriction.

Note:  Don’t forget to delete any earlier icons created while installing the tryout version.

Isn’t this tool making you crazy to try once so why waiting for tomorrow download now.….. and don’t forget to subscribe for daily newsletter for such trick and tips…..

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