vfall.com : Site dedicated to mobile video / 3gp pictures

There are a plenty of sites available which provide free online video to play on a pc but do you think this is enough as today the use of portable device is much more than computer in which mobile devices are among the top one. And a lot of people around us use their GPRS enabled mobile devices to surf Internet but till date there was not a single website which offer videos to played back on Handheld mobiles, is not this was very disappointing factor.

But now the wait is over.. vfall.com has brought the same for you to provide online videos and movies in .3gp extension which can be very well played on any gprs enabled mobile handset and of-course without any trouble even if the connection is very slow as I have personally experienced the playback.

So now the next time when you thought for a movie or video to watch direct from the web to your mobile then vfall.com will be the best solution. Though there may be the chances that apart from vfall.com there could be some other sites tough I have found only one, if anyone of you knows about plz do mentionĀ  in comments section

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