Why every year a new calender? The desktop 3000 years calender for your pc….

Though calender plays an important in our daily schedule but it has its own limits. Like if you want to have a look thourgh the Julian, Gregorian, Hebrew and Islamic calendars then you have to find all these separate calenders on your wall. Now how about having all these features in your desktop pc that also with a 3000 years calender.

Yes you can have it for free with 3000 years calender, which will help you to look into any version of Julian, Gregorian, Hebrew and Islamic calendars. For any date the program will show conformity between calendars and the following additional information: day’s number of the year, number of days in the year, week’s number of the year, number of weeks in the year, day of week, age of the Moon (in days), Julian Day number.

So; the only job you have to do go through the links given and click on download…

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